Australian Lining Company Beehive Vinyl

About ALC

Australian Lining Company Pty Ltd has been supplying and installing Geosynthetic membranes for over 30 years. Previously  trading under Beehive Vinyl Products Pty Ltd we installed our first Geosynthetic membrane back in 1980.

In 1991 due to the increase in the number of the geosynthetic  projects  we formed a new company, Australian Lining Company to primarily undertake Goesynthetics projects. Beehive Vinyl Products is still operating and expanding as an associate company to Australian Lining Company Pty Ltd.

Based on our vast experience, highly trained technicians,  professionalism and  high quality standards, we have become one of Australia’s most respected installers of Geosynthetic membranes.  We have installed over 3 million square meters of geosynthetic liners since 1991 alone.